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The nEureka® for Epilepsy Data-as-a-Service Platform

If you’ve been following along on our social media and #BigDataBeatEpilepsy campaign journey, you’ve probably heard about our revolutionary nEureka® seizure monitoring smartwatch by now.

But did you know that nEureka® is actually a whole platform of technologies that support people with epilepsy day and night?

So What is nEureka®?

nEureka® is a telehealth Data-as-a-Service platform, which transforms the current costly episodic care to personalized, preventive, and accessible remote care for epilepsy & other chronic neurological conditions.

In other words, nEureka® transforms the current system of “snapshots” in time for healthcareoften three months apart for epilepsyinto a continuous movie of a patient’s health status outside the clinic. This way, any signs of health issues are promptly captured and alerted to doctors immediately, allowing timely telehealth care accessible from anywhere. 

How does nEureka® for Epilepsy work?

The nEureka® Advantage

Seizures can occur anytime, anywhere, and we’ve created an entire line of products, working in synergy, to meet the challenges that patients, their caregivers, and physicians experience everyday.

We’ve worked tirelessly to develop nEureka® under the guidance of doctors—including world-class neurologists and epileptologists—and have fine-tuned our features based on input and feedback from people with epilepsy. 

The result is the nEureka® for Epilepsy platform that seamlessly connects patients, caregivers and doctors in the epilepsy community: 

  • Powerful IoT & Data Platform nEureka® uses everyday consumer devices & medical sensors to fulfill today’s unmet needs of people with epilepsy, their healthcare providers, and caregivers.
  • All-in-One Epilepsy Remote Care Solution nEureka® offers convenient seizure self-reporting; biomarkers auto-capture, and medication reminders & adherence tracking.
  • Real-time Alerts nEureka® sends alerts to patients & their caregivers of life-threatening conditions that require immediate attention such as Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) giving everyone peace of mind.

What does that look like practically? Let’s break it down.

nEureka® Seizure Monitoring Smartwatch

The cornerstone of an effective epilepsy treatment plan is accurately tracking seizures and medication response. But the classic seizure diary is long overdue for a modern upgrade. The heart of the nEureka® system is our seizure monitoring smartwatch. Rather than a medical bracelet, the smartwatch blends into our modern world and acts as a fashion statement.

Our smartwatch makes it simpler than ever to track seizures with one-button seizure self-reporting. Simply tap a button to begin logging a seizure, while built-in sensors automatically capture biomarkers, including heart rate and activity tracking. Seizures can also be logged retrospectively to further increase accuracy.

But it’s not just a fancy seizure diary. With an easy-to-use touchscreen, our smartwatch also allows users to create voice notes, send an alert to their caregiver, and sets up medication alerts and reminders for multiple drug prescriptions. 

Nighttime Ring

Part of Novela’s mission to create better cures for epilepsy is to advance clinical research into how biomarkers correlate with seizures, with the ambitious goal of analyzing big data to someday predict seizures and better understand biological responses leading to Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). 

Research has already indicated that seizures are correlated with several biomarkers—including blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2), heart rate, and heart rate variability—which is why our biomarker sensors are integral to the nEureka® platform.

Our biomarker sensors are embedded into a lightweight, comfortable silicone ring to continuously measure patients’ heart rate and SpO2 levels. The ring is ideal for nighttime use when patients are charging their nEureka® smartwatch and need round-the-clock seizure monitoring.

The ring is embedded with mechanisms to wake the patient when dangerous changes are detected—enabling people to take action. The nEureka® ring does not claim to predict or prevent SUDEP. However, the ring offers a scientific method to empower those living with nighttime seizures to take control of their own health, while providing their loved ones and clinicians with an additional layer of peace-of-mind.

Data-Visualization Tablet


As a key add-on to our seizure monitoring smartwatch and nighttime ring, the nEureka® tablet seamlessly downloads patients’ heart rate, activity levels, and seizure- and medication-tracking information onto a graphical dashboard, displayed on a Tablet. 

The intuitive visual dashboard displays health data in simple charts, empowering people with epilepsy to track their own health. The Tablet acts as a “home hub,” providing a larger screen than the seizure monitoring smartwatch, making the Tablet a more convenient way to view data insights from the comfort of home. 

Data Cloud Platform

The Data Cloud Platform is nEureka®’s brain. The platform automatically syncs up data collected by the seizure monitoring smartwatch and nighttime ring to the Cloud and seamlessly transfers data securely between patient and doctor. Powered by AI, the platform automatically summarizes seizure data into informative graphs and trends. 

On the patient’s side, these charts are accessed through the Tablet “home hub.” On the doctor’s side, all data, graphs and charts are available through the Physician Portal, a software package that allows physicians to easily gauge trends in their patients’ seizure activity and medication response.

Thanks to the Data Cloud Platform, health data and trends are remotely accessible to patients, authorized caregivers, and physicians—24/7. 

Ready to Try nEureka®?

If you’re as excited about our nEureka® system as we are and want to be first in line to try it out, send us a message!

Physicians: Please send your request through the Contact Us form on our website or email us directly at [email protected]

People with epilepsy & caregivers: Please take a moment to fill out our survey to get on the waiting list. You’ll also be automatically entered into a draw for a $100 Amazon Gift Card, or a $100 donation to any Epilepsy Foundation chapter in your name.