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Independence & Peace of Mind

Sleep Monitoring & Reporting

Medication Adherence

Activity Tracking

Biomarkers Tracking & Reporting

Caregiver Alerts & Engagement

Voice Memos

Seizure Self-Reporting

nEureka® is an all-in-one personalized system for managing epilepsy & other chronic neurological conditions. Our wearable nEureka® smart devices and data platform empower patients to take control of their health and lead independent lives, while bringing caregivers peace of mind.

The Toll of Epilepsy

65 million

Worldwide live with

1 in 26

Americans develop
epilepsy in their lifetime

$15 billion

Annual cost of care for epilepsy in the US



Between clinical visits, delaying care




Has accelerated the need for safe, efficient & continuous care, from the comfort of home. All stakeholders are looking for safe and efficient methods to maintain access to medical care without risking their lives or wasting time.

Access care anytime, anywhere

Savings on cost & time

Care that puts patients first

Smart wearables for effortless, continuous care

The nEureka® Impact

Reduce treatment costs

Eliminate missed medications

Improve patient safety & caregiver engagement

The nEureka® Value

Assertively syndicate bricks-and-clicks information after out-of-the-box total linkage. Quickly mesh user-centric materials without ubiquitous best practices. Progressively fabricate cutting-edge information before 24/365 services. Phosfluorescently leverage other's bleeding-edge infomediaries without end-to-end resources. Conveniently fabricate cross functional relationships.

Independence & Peace of Mind


At-a-glance health insights to make strategic decisions. On demand and continuous engagement with patients. Optimize care at no additional cost.

Patients & Caregivers

Simple, effortless solution to bring patients & caregivers independence and peace of mind. Plus, access to a whole online community for support.

Insurers & Payors

Manage costs without cutting corners. Create care efficiency and access. Deliver improved outcomes at lower costs.


9 in 10 Neurologists are VERY/ EXTREMELY LIKELY to use nEureka® for Epilepsy in the management of their patients with epilepsy

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