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nEureka for Epilepsy: Empowering People with Neurological Conditions

Last week we did a deep dive into the products and features of the nEureka® for Epilepsy Data-as-a-Service Platform. Today we want to break it down just a bit further to answer the question: with so many seizure-tracking options on the market today, why choose nEureka®?

The short answer is that nEureka®—unlike other market options—isn’t just a single-feature device or downloadable app: nEureka® is an integrated platform of products that is personalized for every patient, empowering people with epilepsy to lead more independent lives while bringing peace of mind to them and their caregivers. 

Pitfalls in Current Seizure-Monitoring Options

We’ve talked at length about why people with epilepsy need better solutions for managing their epilepsy, especially since accurately tracking seizures and medications is one of the most important steps a person can take to reduce seizures.

Yet, current options fall short in several key ways:

  • Pen-and-paper seizure diaries are easy to lose and hard to organize in a way that captures reliable quantitative data. 
  • Phone apps usually only cater to one or two aspects of a person’s epilepsy treatment, forcing patients to juggle multiple apps to monitor their health. It can be confusing to have one app for medication reminders, another app for logging seizures, and yet another for tracking mood and side-effects. They also only work for people who already have a smartphone, which often cuts out younger kids. 
  • Existing wearable devices are frequently designed as medical bracelets or necklaces with limited functionality, excluding the possibility of continuously capturing and analyzing critical data points—like medication response—leaving gaps in knowledge that lead to suboptimal care. They also often look out of place, “marking” the person as someone with epilepsy.
  • Clinicians often don’t have time to wade through pages of handwritten notes or multiple phone apps to draw meaningful insights about a person’s seizures and accordingly tailor their patients’ treatment plans.

In contrast to these common pitfalls, nEureka® offers an elegant all-in-one solution to the many challenges of epilepsy management. 

The nEureka® platform combines everyday consumer devices and biomarker sensors with a powerful Artificial Intelligence-driven Data Cloud Platform to enable 24/7 remote-care monitoring of epilepsy. 

The nEureka® Solution

Unprecedented Data Insights & Ease of Use  

Say goodbye to the days of lugging around a frayed pen-and-paper seizure diary or downloading several apps onto a smartphone. Our nEureka® Seizure Monitoring Smartwatch does it all.

The nEureka® Seizure Monitoring Smartwatch enables round-the-clock seizure reporting with just the press of a button. If a patient forgets to log a seizure or didn’t have time to react in the moment, no problem—users can retrospectively log missed seizures and add additional notes to our AI-powered Data Cloud Platform. Our smartwatch comes embedded with automatic biomarker sensors, so nothing goes undetected, day or night. 

Physicians can access the Data Cloud Platform 24/7 to get intuitive graphical trends at a glance, improving their efficiency and ability to adjust their patients’ treatment plans, tweak medications, and help get seizures under control.

With nEureka®, users can be sure their seizures and health data are being captured and analyzed with unprecedented accuracy and ease of use, empowering patients to take control of their health.

Personalized All-In-One Care, Just for You

Did you know that the nEureka® system comes personalized for each and every patient? We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to treating the diverse needs of epilepsy patients, which is why we’ve designed our system to be customized for every user.

After a patient requests the nEureka® system from their physician, the devices are pre-programmed to be personalized for each patient, right out of the box. The nEureka® system comes configured with a patient’s information, including: 

  • Which types of seizures to log
  • Medication prescriptions
  • Customized medication reminders
  • Caregivers’ emergency contact information for built-in help alerts
  • And more! 

On-the-Go, Continuous Monitoring for Greater Independence

Managing epilepsy can make it challenging to lead an independent life, especially if a person is having uncontrolled seizures. Tracking seizures and medication response is an essential component of reducing a person’s seizure frequency and improving their quality of life, enabling them to live independently.

Our approach is simple: empower patients with continuous remote care so they and their physicians can make informed, strategic decisions that lead to better seizure management.

The nEureka® for Epilepsy platform replaces the outdated and inefficient medical model of episodic care—oftentimes forcing patients to wait 90 days or more between doctor’s appointments—to one of continuous remote care, leading to greater personal agency and independence. 

Plus, our nEureka® Seizure Monitoring Smartwatch is durable and waterproof, so it can comfortably be worn on the go, anytime, anywhere. 

Caregiver Alerts for Peace of Mind

We’ve heard it time and time again: epilepsy is stressful, not just for patients, but also for their caregivers and loved ones. Seizures can strike at any time—in the shower, at home alone, while driving—and this unpredictability can understandably cause immense stress and worry. 

That’s why we’ve built in emergency caregiver alerts into our nEureka® Seizure Monitoring Smartwatch. After pressing a button to indicate the start of a seizure, the smartwatch enables patients to send an alert to their caregiver, notifying them of the seizure—along with their GPS coordinates—and requesting immediate assistance. 

We’re committed to the long-term goal of using anonymized patient data to potentially even predict seizures before they happen by analyzing big data for insights on our Data Cloud Platform. 

People with epilepsy and their caregivers can finally have peace of mind knowing that a person’s epilepsy is being monitored 24/7 and that help is just the tap of a button away.

Ready to Try nEureka®?

If you’re ready to learn more about how to try nEureka®, please read more about our product offerings and how to get in touch with us! 

If you’d like to help support our mission to bring nEureka® to 50 test patients with epilepsy—at no cost to them—check out our #BigDataBeat Epilepsy campaign and help us spread the word.