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09. Neureka™

Neurological Discovery Accelerated

Novela Neurotech accelerates the discovery of effective treatments
for a wide range of neurological conditions

01 Our mission

The future

Our Mission — Deliver innovative solutions that impact neurological care, and enhance patient's quality of life.

Novela’s Neureka™ Smart Medtech Platform — Significantly reduces the developement time and cost of neurological treatments.

Our goal — Bring an end to brain diseases and thrive at forging new frontiers in neurological treatments.

02 WE are

About us

We call it the “(N)eureka™ Moment” - Novela is entering the forefront of the medtech industry with its use of Smart implants and Artificial Intelligence to streamline the development of neurological treatments.

The Neureka™ smart medtech platform enables development of neurological treatments at a fraction of cost and time. Neureka™ Smart Probes simplify and automate data collection, analysis and the discovery of new treatments.

Ray Iskander, CEO

If you are interested in joining us we’re hiring
For more information info@novelaneuro.com

03 Team


Ray Iskander
Parisa Sabetian, PhD
Technical Product Manager (R&D)
Salam Gabran, PhD
Director of Engineering
Shelly Fan, PhD
Media & University Relations
Mark Valentine
Sr VP Business Development
& IP Portfolio
Agata Aniskiewicz
Talent Manager
Marcin Bukowski
Director of Software Engineering


Dr. Jose Velazquez | The Ronin Institute
Michael Ricci | Biomedical Technology Consultant
Dr. Harold Wodlinger | Medical Device Consultant
Dr. George Ekladious | Principal Data Scientist
Dr. Nabil Wasily | Technology Advisor
Parul Madan | Technology Advisor
Dr. Francois Binette | Medtech Advisor

04 Technology


Novela’s Neureka™ Technology Platform - simplifies and accelerates the discovery and development of neurological treatments based on neurostimulation.

Medical device and Biotech organizations - can now quickly setup large multi-site collaborative clinical experiments with their own parameters and with unlimited data points. Neureka™ processes tons of data, and test out multiple possible treatments in parallel, accelerating the discovery of new treatments without any human intervention.

The Future - Novela’s patented smart probe based technology will be used to enhance human brain functions by enabling two-way connectivity with cloud computing technologies; this will increase our memory, enable internet access and speed up thought processes.

05 News

A New Theory of Brain Organization takes aim at the Mystery of Consciousness

Consciousness is one of the brain's most enigmatic mysteries. A new theory, inspired by thermodynamics, takes a high-level perspective of how neural networks in the brain transiently organize to give rise to memories, thought and consciousness. Read full article

Novela Neurotechnologies: Ushering in the Next-Generation of Personalized Neurological Care

The company develops biocompatible neural implants that monitor, recognize, and intervene in neurological disorders through personalized treatment protocols. Read full article

Novela Inaugurates R&D Center

Based in Ontario, Canada
R&D Hub will facilitate collaboration with CRANIA and access to tier-1 talent in the Waterloo and Toronto areas.
January, we opened our research and development (R&D) center in Waterloo, Canada. Working in concert with the California headquarters, the center will focus on the advancement of the fabrication process of Novela’s neural implant devices.
Headed by Salam Gabran, Director of Engineering, the office is staffed by a team with impressive prior experience in medical devices microfabrication.
Peter Mankowski, Chief Technical Officer, relocated from California for the first half of 2019 to help establish the center and assist Salam with recruitments.
“Toronto continues to draw upon world-class talent and cultivate a relentless entrepreneurial spirit. Incubators like MaRS and Innovation Guelph, as well as leading medical R&D centers like the University Health Network (UHN), and Ontario Brain Institute (OBI). Novela plans to establish a strong foothold in Ontario, and plans to collaborate with the Center for Advancing Neurotechnological Innovation to Application, CRANIA™,” says Ray Iskander, Novela’s CEO.

Novela’s Neureka™ and the Future of Neurostimulation

"Neurostimulation is emerging as a novel non-pharmacological way of treating brain disorders and is showing far greater efficacy with fewer side effects." Read full article

In The Press

Novela’s hometown newspaper the Alameda Sun featured us in their Thursday 1/24/19 issue.
“Novela’s long-term vision is to extend memory and brain processing speed, and even to add built-in cloud connectivity as well as expand human senses.” Read full article

In The Spotlight

Mark Valentine, Senior VP, Business Development & IP Portfolio
“I’ve witnessed firsthand the need for medical devices and treatments in those regions less fortunate than the western world. I think that’s why I’m so attracted to medical devices and technology companies.” Read full article

06 Career

Work with us

Why choose us
We are building a multidisciplinary team passionate about making a major impact. We are looking for exceptional people with proven track records, especially in building high-precision medical devices as well as scalable fail-safe software applications.
Interested In Working For Novela?
We have positions available in San Francisco and Toronto.
Contact us for more details at


Neural Notions

Welcome to Novela’s series on Neurostimulation. We will explore applications to pathologies like epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and neuropsychiatric disorders. Our blog posts are educational, therefore we used simpler constructs when possible rather than the precise scientific terminology.

November 13, 2019
On a Simple General Principle of Brain Organization
May 21, 2019
Parkinson’s Disease
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurological disorder that has a wide spectrum of symptoms... Read more
May 13, 2019
Epilepsy III
The aberrant neural synchronization results in epileptic seizures... Read more
February 01, 2019
Epilepsy II
Welcome to Novela’s series on Neurostimulation... Read more
January 11, 2019
Epilepsy I
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December 05, 2018
A Brief Overview of Deep Brain Stimulation
Welcome to Novela’s series on Neurostimulation... Read more
June 07, 2017
Dynamiceuticals: The Next Stage in Personalized Medicine
Novela Neurostimulation

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Corporate Office

San Francisco

1101 Marina Village Pkwy, Suite 201, Alameda,

California, 94501, USA

Research Center


180 Northfield Dr West, unit 4

Waterloo, N2L 0C7, ON, Canada


Corporate Office

San Francisco

1101 Marina Village Pkwy, Suite 201, Alameda,

California, 94501, USA

Research Center


180 Northfield Dr West, unit 4

Waterloo, N2L 0C7, ON, Canada