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How Novela Neurotech Started

Founded in 2018-
San Francisco

Our Company

Novela Neurotech is a NeuroData company enabling personalized remote care for chronic neurological conditions. Headquartered in Alameda, CA, Novela is an FDA Registered Medical Device Facility leading the transformation of neurological healthcare.

With a decade of research legacy in neurotechnology and epilepsy at the University of Waterloo in Canada, and deep expertise in digital health and healthcare, Novela is uniquely positioned to transform current episodic neurological care to remote care for millions of people with chronic neurological disorders.

We’re not doing it alone. By partnering with prestigious institutions across the US and Canada, Novela fosters a collaborative environment to rigorously develop, test, and improve on our solutions. By closely working with neurological disease organizations, such as the Epilepsy Foundation and other patient groups, Novela weaves patient feedback directly into our product development cycles.

Guided by the expertise and input from patients, caregivers, and neurologists, we aim to create solutions that speak to their needs of an independent lifestyle, with unbeatable usability and excellence. nEureka® for Epilepsy is just the start. With the nEureka® platform, we aim to improve the lives of millions of people with other neurological conditions.

Our Vision

Creating a “nEureka® Lifestyle” that empowers anyone with brain disorders to live freely and pursue their dreams.

With nEureka®, we would like to add more cheer, hope, and create a reduced-stress lifestyle—what we call the “nEureka® Lifestyle”—for people with epilepsy and their loved ones.

Our Leadership

Ray Iskander

CEO + Board Member

Serial Entrepreneur
Data Scientist

Parisa Sabetian, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

PhD in Biomedical Engineering
7 Years NeuroEngineering Experience aspects of Epilepsy
Young Entrepreneur

Shelly Fan, PhD

Chief Marketing & Comm. Officer

PhD in Neurodegeneration
Publications in Science, Nature Neuroscience
Science journalist & international book author

Kramay Patel, BASc

Chief Platform Officer

MD/PhD Candidate
PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Computational Neuroscience

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