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Meet The Novela Neurotech Team

The Team

Ray Iskander

CEO + Board Member

Parisa Sabetian, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
& Co-Founder

Dimitri Volkmann

Chief Platform Officer

Shelly Fan, PhD

Director Communications
& Alliances

Sam Adel

Product Manager

Marcin Bukowski

Director Software Engineering

Advisory Board

Aiman Abdel-Malek, PhD

Senior Advisor & Member of the Board of Directors

Francois Binette, PhD

Senior Medtech Advisor

Fivos Panetsos, PhD

Director, Health Research Institute, San Carlos Clinical Hospital (IdISSC)

KC Hildreth

Leadership & Startups Growth Novela BoD

Jose Velazquez, PhD

Senior Neuroscientist

Nabil Wasily, PhD

Technology Advisor
Novela Seed Stage

Parul Madan

Data Platform & Strategy
Novela Seed Stage Investor

George S. Ekladious, PhD

Principle Data Scientist

Novela Neurotech is a company whose goal is to simplify and accelerate the discovery and development of next-generation neurological treatments.

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