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Tag: BigDataBeatEpilepsy

Rural Challenges in Epilepsy

Living with epilepsy is challenging enough on its own, but living in a rural area without reliable access to medical care can add a whole host of additional hurdles to receiving adequate treatment. Having reliable access to medical care is crucial in managing a chronic neurological condition like epilepsy, which

Ray Iskander, CEO, Sheds Light on Novela’s Epilepsy Mission

We’ve been hard at work on our wearable seizure diary here at Novela! Last month, we launched a campaign to jumpstart a 50-person clinical trial for patients to try our wearable diary and data platform to provide feedback that will tailor the nEureka® experience to perfection.  We’ve already shared our

Epilepsy and Memory Impairment

For many people living with epilepsy, memory impairments are an all-too-common reality.  They’re obvious barriers to a person’s general quality of life. But in terms of managing seizures, memory impairments also make it hard to track and recall how many seizures one had in the past month, or whether they’ve


The Story Behind #BigDataBeatEpilepsy

Our wearable seizure diary‘s campaign slogan is “Big Data Beat Epilepsy.” But what does a wearable have to do with big data?    Let’s start with the power of big data. The curation of large datasets of diverse but well-labeled data was the foundation of the recent boom in machine

Mental Health Disorders and Epilepsy

Mental health disorders are often a complicated conundrum for clinicians to diagnose and treat, especially when factoring in a coexisting neurological condition like epilepsy. Unfortunately, people with epilepsy have an increased risk of several mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder—also known as ADHD.  The statistics are grim: